About Us

 Founded in November 2015, Shenzhen Rui Gai Hui   Trade Co., LTD.

 The company is engaged in dance product design. Our aim is: to provide dancers with   high quality products and the best services, so that they can better show themselves   when dancing. Therefore, since the establishment of the company, we have been   strictly controlling the quality of our products, and on this basis, we have continuously   expanded our production line.

Major Products



 Made of high quality materials, durable and comfprtable.

 Our products are mainly divided into two categories: clothes and shoes. 



 dance tights, dance dress, dance leotard, dance briefs, dance skirt, dance wrap top



 ballet shoes, pointe shoes


 Each product has a variety of styles for you to choose from, here you are sure to find   your favorite and most suitable style.

 About Bezioner


A brand registered by Shenzhen Rui Gai Hua Trade Co.,LTD in March, 2015.

 As a professional dance products designing and producing brand, Bezioner is   committed to giving every dancer a more amazing and satisfying choice. You may   need to use our ballet products in these occasons, gymnastics classes, ballet   lessons, stage performances, etc. In addition, clothing products have features of cute,     durable, comfortable, breathable and anti-see-through, so they can be used as daily wear,   performance costume, birthday party or theme party outfit and so on, it's also a great       idea to give it to your girls or friends as a gift.

 Bezioner's products will make you more and more confident.